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Battle Planning[edit | edit source]

Combat[edit | edit source]

Stats[edit | edit source]

Stat Description
HP Character's maximum Health Points
Str Power of physical attacks
Mag Power of magic attacks
Skl Power of Critical Hits and Warrior Special attacks
Sp Rate the Awakening Gauge depletes and length of Awakening state
Lck Drop rate of recovery items
Def Defense against physical attacks
Res Defense against magic attacks
Move How quickly a character dashes

Weapon Triangle[edit | edit source]

Like most Fire Emblem games, Warriors also has a weapon triangle where one weapon will be more effective against other weapons in a rock-paper-scissors fashion. The triangle is as follows:

  • Lances are strong against swords.
  • Axes are strong against lances.
  • Swords are strong against axes.

Having the advantage/disadvantage has various effects on combat as follows:

Weapon Advantage Weapon Disadvantage
  • Increased damage inflicted
  • Gold stun gauges appear, which increase damage and area of critical hits
  • Regular attack string causes stun gauge to appear
  • More damage taken
  • Stun Gauge cannot be forced to appear with strong attacks
  • Increased frequency of enemies guarding attacks

There are additional effects outside the Weapon Triangle which provide effective damage such as:

  • Bows are strong against flying mount units.
  • Specific type effective weapons (eg. Armorslayer vs. an Armored unit)

In-game, enemies are visually marked to show if they have a advantage or disadvantage with up and down arrows respectively.

Warrior Gauge[edit | edit source]

The Warrior Gauge fills up as a hero defeats enemies or collects yellow recovery items (Warrior Tonics). The gauge is visible in the UI as a yellow bar in the top-left corner.

Warrior Special[edit | edit source]

When one ore more bars of the Warrior Gauge are full, a Warrior Special can be activated.

Stun Gauge[edit | edit source]

During battle, a gauge may appear over an enemy. Attacking the enemy will decrease the stun gauge, and once fully depleted, a hero will deal a Critical Hit.

Awakening Mode[edit | edit source]

Pair Up[edit | edit source]

Dual Attacks/Specials[edit | edit source]

Supports[edit | edit source]

Camp[edit | edit source]

The camp gives access to various shops where a player can use materials and gold earned.

Crest Market[edit | edit source]

See Crest Market

A player can spend gold and materials to craft crests which provide stat boosts to heroes.

Master Seals[edit | edit source]

See Master Seals

Master Seals can be used in the Crest Market to promote the base class of heroes and also to unlock additional Crests to craft.

Smithy[edit | edit source]

See Smithy

Gold can be spent at the Smithy to forge and upgrade weapons. Weapons can also be sold here for gold as well.

Temple[edit | edit source]

See Temple

A player can offer up materials and gold to receive blessings from the temple or to revive fallen allies.

Training Grounds[edit | edit source]

See Training Grounds

Training Grounds is where a player can pay gold to level up units.

Items[edit | edit source]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Gold[edit | edit source]